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Magic Moments: Twelve Little Stories About Disability, Family and Fairly Normal Life

This collection of essays, most of them previously published in magazines and newspapers, embraces the joys and challenges of family life. Lisa Bendall is married to Ian, who is intelligent, funny and kind… and also happens to be quadriplegic. Together they raised a daughter, held down full-time jobs, shared a mortgage, looked after a dog – like many other folks.

Readers are invited to share this family's journey, from major milestones to fleeting, yet magical, moments. Whether the stories are about facing down judgy parents, fielding absurd wheelchair remarks, surviving home renovations, even battling parking spaces during holiday shopping season, they are told with humour and heartfelt emotion. For all this family’s unique traits, readers may recognize more than a few universal themes, whether or not they themselves have family members with disabilities.

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Praise for Magic Moments

“Lisa’s writing style and frankness are the marks of a first-rate author. There’s so much here to touch and enlighten the reader, told with humour and love – not only for her family but also for the greater human family we all share. Bravo.”
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“An imaginative and skilled writer’s work is a joy to read… So what is the magic? It’s learning from experiences and encounters, keeping a sense of humour, and loving each other in the face of anything that comes along.”
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A wonderfully inspiring and touching little book about love and family and overcoming challenges… it will stay with you for a long time.
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