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Raising a Kid with Special Needs:
The Complete Canadian Guide

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Up to 20 per cent of Canadian families are raising a child with special needs. Until now, there hasn't been a complete, comprehensive yet friendly guide written especially for these families. But this new book will answer your questions, pass on must-have info and strategies, point you towards invaluable Canadian resources – and raise your spirits.

From health advice to school savvy, from financial tips to advocacy know-how, from focusing on family to facing the future, Raising a Kid with Special Needs will guide you through all aspects of parenting a child who has physical, developmental, sensory or learning disabilities.

Plus, in this book meet families from across the country who share the lessons they've learned from their dynamic sons and daughters with disabilities.

“Read [this book]. Your life as a caregiver will be a thousand times easier, and richer.”
From the foreword by Ian Brown

Praise for Raising a Kid with Special Needs

Raising a Kid with Special Needs is a guidebook with a heart. It’s full of helpful tips and resources for families dealing with all manner of disabilities, on topics from preschool to puberty, from marital stress to tax credits. But as important as the book’s practical info are the stories of real children and parents who are navigating this amazing journey and finding joy along the way. Author Lisa Bendall delivers it all in a voice that’s clear-eyed, compassionate and encouraging.”
Caroline Connell, Editor-in-Chief, Today’s Parent

“This is an honest and gutsy guide to loving and advocating for your child with special needs… This resource-rich guide will reassure you that you're not alone as you and your child make this very special journey through life together."
Ann Douglas, Author, The Mother of All Parenting Books

“Being informed is the greatest power someone who is a parent, loved one or caregiver of an individual living with a disability can possess. Lisa Bendall's Raising a Kid with Special Needs is an incredibly comprehensive guide to the information so necessary for families who want to provide their child with the best support and services available to them. It makes me realize how far things have come since my beautiful sister Shanti was little. Bravo!”
Gabrielle Miller, Actor (Corner Gas)

“As a leading provider of services for children with disabilities, we welcome this book as an important new resource for Canadians. It’s packed with practical information and written in a friendly, supportive tone. Raising a Kid with Special Needs is sure to become a well-thumbed treasure for many families.”
Max Beck, CEO, Easter Seals Canada

Reviews of Raising a Kid with Special Needs

“I have read your book, and have to tell you how highly readable and family friendly it is. It takes a very large and difficult-to-navigate maze of supports and philosophy related to raising a child with developmental disabilities in Canada and breaks it down into the most profound and impactful pieces for families. Thank you for writing such an important book, which will be welcomed by parents and professionals alike. This will be one book which CDSS will keep in our libraries for a long time.
Krista J. Flint, Executive Director, Canadian Down Syndrome Society

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